sexta-feira, 21 de maio de 2010

Curtindo a Vida

Estas fotos foram enviadas pelo Diego Silva, um dos primeiros leitores a acreditar neste blog. Somos muito gratos ao Diego por toda força que nos dá, seja com um simples recado em um post ou pelas visitas que faz. Este texto e estas fotos sintetizam um pouco o que somos, e se somos realmente é porque sempre podemos contar uns com os outros. Contem sempre com a gente!

That`s how we are.

Nothing comes easy, we fight to conquer.
We don`t have the healty look of an athlete.
We are hurt, soar, and bleeding.
Scars all over.
We heal in the altar, in the court, with ice and warm water.
In the sun with jeans, on the hot concrete, begging for tap water.
Almost no one has a car.
By foot, friend`s ride, on top of trains. 
We are suspects, not costumers.
We see the city with other eyes, looking for fun, a nice image, a perfect spot.
A dirty stairway, is also good as couch for a great chat.
If it`s rainning, we are back tomorrow.
Seems we are more accecpted now.
But we have more than anyone else.
We have each other.
We are skaters.