quarta-feira, 30 de junho de 2010

Loaded - Longboarding: Casting Shade

Novo vídeo da Loaded filmado e editado por Adam Colton.

Adam's Words:
"In this video, pay close attention to all the small subtle camera movements that work with the very slow and mellow music. I shot this video entirely on a 50mm lens with a 1.8 Neutral Density filter. The ND filter (which is basically a dark piece of glass which blocks light) allowed me to shoot between an f 3.5 - f 1.8 all day, so pay attention to all the depth and small focal points throughout the video ie, how Jackson comes into focus and then out of focus. There are no follow shots in this video, I did a follow run which was scary and the footage turned out fine, but in the end I just wanted to keep this video very clean and not take away from the precise tripod and dolly shots. I wish I had one more day with Jacko because there are some more shots I wanted to capture but it is what it is. I feel that this short video is powerful and hopefully will be a video the community watches over and over again to get stoked to go out and skate and enjoy the day. Thanks Jacko and Marcus for an amazing day and letting it roll smooth. "