quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010

Optomistic Rebel Longboarding

Bom, para captar este vídeo é importante entender o que ele diz, entendendo, o sentido se faz sentimento. Este é um daqueles momentos aonde as palavras são importantes, o texto original está ai, o resto é com vocês.

"Have you ever felt something so wonderful and unearthly that you didn't have the words to explain it? Wouldn't you want to tell others about it so they could feel it too? Longboarding provided an escape for me from the daily numbing of the corporate world. When I ride I'm free. And now I've been trying to capture that feeling so others will be inspired to feel the freedom that I know. My name is Ross Charnock. And I'm trying to capture the unexplainable."