terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2011

2011 Landyachtz Time Machine

Gente, esses novos modelos da Landyachz estão tendo bastante destaque, segue este post detalhando o Time Machine com direito a entrevista com um dos donos da marca e um vídeo resenha da Motion Boardshop.

An interview on the board with Mike Perreten, co-owner of Landyachtz

Where did the concept for the Time Machine come from?
The idea was to combine the feel of a Top Mount board with all the benefits of a dropped foot platform board. So you have the ability to get your foot placement right (as close to the trucks as possible) and still get a ton of response out of the board.

What are the unique features on the board?
Its got a 9 two 5 foot platform and concave slammed tightly between Super Rockered Drop Tabs which gives the board its tight handling and stability.

What riding style best suits this board?
Its going to make a great progressive freeride board. Its twin tip and nice and responsive, those Super Rockered Drop Tabs really make the board freeride well. It will also make for a great all around fun commuter.

When did you first become interested in time travel?
- I've really gotten into it over the past few years.

Now that you've invented it what time and date are you going to check out first?
- Hmmmm, 2000 BC seems pretty nice. I'd like to check the world out at that time and try not to mess up the future too badly.

How long have you been dreaming up this board?
- Since the dawn of time! But seriously, I've been designing and tweaking it for the past 3 - 4 years now.