quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2011

Gravity Skateboards - Shane Hildalgo - Blacks Beach

Shane Hildalgo breaking in a new Gravity 42" Spoon Nose on the hill down to Blacks Beach.

This board has been in the making for quite some time. We here at Gravity feel that our customers deserve more than just a standard bamboo board imported from China. Our California Made bamboo is infused with cross/long ply maple to give it the torsional strength that all bamboo boards lack, but benefits from top and bottom bamboo plies that give it better rebound and longitudinal strength. We think that you'll find this board to be the perfect blend, and it's shape is ideal for a blended skate style. Short enough to play around in parks, long enough to cruise and hit some hills. 

Trucks: Tracker 149mm Darts
Bearings: Gravity ABEC5
Risers: 3/8" Lightweight 
Wheels: Gravity 66mm
Wood: 7ply Hardrock Maple, 2ply Verticle Bamboo

L:42.00" / W:9.00" / N:6.50" / T:7.50" / WB:22.00"