domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

Loaded Newsletter Challenges

Loaded Newsletter Challenges

Learn some TRICKS and SAVE $100 on a Loaded complete,
or $50 on a Loaded deck! Tasty!

Anyone, no matter where you live, your age, or what board you ride,
can participate in the Loaded Challenge series.


  1. Pick a numbered Loaded Challenge series to complete. Loaded Challenge Series #1 is the easiest and sets the groundwork for some of the later challenges.
  2. Make sure to wear your helmet. No exceptions.
  3. Film yourself completing all 10 Loaded Challenges within a chosen series.
  4. Upload your completed Loaded Challenge series video to youTube labeling it: Loaded Challenge series #, your name here.
  5. Email the youTube link to: , and wait for our response.
  6. Think you've got more skills? We've got a new Challenge Series every year (as well as lots of contests). Sign up for the Loaded Newsletter to find out about them. Participants completing the current Loaded Newsletter Challenge, within the posted deadlines, will receive an optimized discount of $150 on a complete, and $75 on a deck.
Check out Challenge 2's most stylish riders:

It is that SIMPLE. Have fun.

Participants may redeem one discount per completed Loaded Challenge per purchase. Only the participant who has completed the Loaded Challenge can redeem the discount. Discounts can only be redeemed at the online store. (signed: Mr. "fine print" Magoo)

Challenge #1's challenge videos:
Challenge #2's challenge videos:

Check out Challenge 2's most stylish riders:
Challenge #3's challenge videos:
Challenge #4's challenge videos: