segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

Mobot's Newest Additions - Ross Druckrey & Ethan Cochard ft. Luke Morrow

Newest Mobots, Ross Druckrey from Sector 9 and Ethan Cochard from Orangatang drop by with their fellow crewmate Luke Morrow from Nelson Longboards on their way to Danger Bay X!
All 3 BoomTowners are now part of the Omen Precision Trucks team!

Ross - Sector 9 Super Shaka, Roger Bros Implants, Omen Precision Trucks, S9 70mm 80a Race Forms
Luke - Nelson SpingDrift, Bear Grizzly's, Otang 80a Stimulus
Ethan - LBL DK Penguin, 180mm Randal Trucks, Otang 80a Nipple Bushings, Otang 86a Stimulus

Song: Wishin' my week away - The Weeks