quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

Longboarding Mexico: Mini Raw Runs / Ouchie!

"http://treee.mx - The spot is much longer than what you see on the video but that section is specially fun, very steep, shit pavement and nice sketchy turns. 

Daniel Caro
Gerardo Moreno
Jaime Ortiz

Daniel - Rayne Rival, Riptide Bushings, Aera Trucks, Orangatang Stims
Gerardo - Loaded Chubby Unicorn, Riptide bushings, Rey Trucks, Orangatang Stims
Jaime - Rayne Vandal, Riptide Bushings, Caliber trucks, Sector 9 Race Formula 80a

We still don't know why Gerardo ate shit that way, when you look at the footage on slowmo, it looks as if he carved a bit too much, we studied it for a while and then decided to play with the footage instead of analyzing it... fuck it, its hilarious... well it is cause he didn't get hurt at all, just some rash on the forearms believe it or not. "