quarta-feira, 26 de maio de 2010

Radelaide Episode 1 & 2

Vídeo com dois episódios de muita velocidade e adrenalina filmado por Jackson Shapiera, skater profissional de downhill speed. Abaixo segue uma entrevista com ele em 14 de maio deste ano sobre o circuito de speed, suas metas para o ano, dificuldades, principais adversários e etc. Esta entrevista foi realizada pelo site http://www.hopkin.com.au/ o qual também indico uma visita.

Hop: Who are you looking at as the top racers on this year’s circuit?
Jackson: K-Rimes is already going strong, he’s on 2 for 2 right now (won the Slasher in BC and Buffalo Bill in coloRado). Also Switzer and James are coming back to Europe, and also Louis Pilloni with his new Sector getup. They are all extremely talented skaters and are more than capable of winning.
Hop: Which race will be the hardest?
Jackson: Danger bay is always the hardest race to win, doesn’t matter who you are.
Hop: You hooking up with Sector 9 team this year?
Jackson: I always hang with Sector 7-G, they are a big hit at Danger bay, their team is filled with such colourful individuals, all so friendly and fun to hang out with.
Hop: Is it true Budro’s S9 corporate credit only gets used to buy beers?
Jackson: really? I’ll ask him about that…
Hop: Who are you traveling with in Canada?
Jackson: I’ll be hanging out with my ozzie buddies Leigh, Bow and Grom, and will also be hangin out with my Wingman Yate-dawg and a whole bunch of international shredders.
Hop: Got any sessions lined up with any Canadians?
Jackson: The sessions are happening on an hourly basis… we do not stop shredding the gnar.
Hop: You have made the trek to Canada a few times, what are you looking  forward to skate when you step off the plane?
Jackson: First place I’m gonna hit up is the British Properties for some endless freeride action… think super chilled and rad urban runs that go for a few kilometres… ohhh yeah.
Hop: Any side shows happening, other than official races, you can tell us about?
Jackson: There’s some talk of going to Giants Head… but that’s a secret… shhhh.
Hop: Do you think Yatesy gets more Australian when he goes to Canada?
Jackson: I get more Australian just when I hang out with him!
Hop: Your spending a week in LA, what gives?
Jackson: Its home to some of the most epic hills for downhill skateboarding. the hills there are so gnar, so long and so windy… its a longboarders dream. your bound to shed some skin there.
Hop: Who you skating with? What are you hitting up?
Jackson: I’ll be skating with Louis and James alot, and also with my ozzie mates Leigh, Bow and Grom, and there will be a lot of thane (and ozzie skin) painted all over the hill of Malibu and Hollywood.
Hop: Your missing Maryhill this year and going to Norway, why?
Jackson: It was a hard choice to make, but I figured I’ve been to Maryhill twice, and there is an opportunity to visit a country I’ve never been to, and I’m good mates with a few of the Norwegians, so I figured it made sense to go check out their zone, and skate some epic fjords.
Hop: Do you know how to say “does anyone have a skate tool” in Norwegian?
Jackson: I wont need to ask that question… more importantly “does anyone wanna drink a beer?” I always have a skate tool.
Hop: How you getting around Europe, and with who?
Jackson: I’m gonna cruise around with Robin Sanberg from Norway and I think Leeso is hoppin in the car too. There’s also talk of an O-Tang Team Bus touring around Europe, visiting cool skate shops on the road and checking out epic hills…
Hop: Any favourite spots you are hitting up again in Europe?
Jackson: French Alps *drools*.
Hop: Do you have a favourite IGSA race in Europe?
Jackson: Kosakov… the hill is epic, the beer is rad, and they let u buy hootch at the Rider’s Tent.
Hop: Almabtrieb is the World Championships this year, you skated it in 2008, will that experience help?
Jackson: I think the 2008 experience would help me if we were running the same track, however there is a new hill so its start again time! This time its faster and kinda straight, and I’m a heavy dude these days so I’m gonna smoke everyone’s draft and they can eat my dust.
Hop: Is your injury fully recovered, this is a big tour, are you ready?
Jackson: My push is pretty crappy these days, I guess I don’t have the same strength in that leg as I used to anymore, but I guess a few weeks in BC will fix that. If my push is still crappy for the IGSA tour I guess I’ll have to rely on race tactics to get the win.
Hop: Is it true you are marching in the Padova parade this year in thongs and blue King Gees
Jackson: I’ll be in a 
wife-beater, boardies and bare feet…
Hop: What tastes better in Europe: Beer, Roads, Mountains or the chicks?
Jackson: all of the above.
Hop: A week in Switzerland, is that enough time for all those mountains? Who you visiting there?
Jackson: I’m gonna go hang out with Ramon again, he lives near Zurich and there’s heaps of cool stuff to skate around the town. I think we will make time for all the radness Switzerland has to offer.
Hop: Airflow are cranking up the downhill scene over there, you going to put the hard word on Chris and Ramon to start sending product to Australia?
Jackson: I’m gonna hit em up about an airflow board that Luca ordered but never got… they are going down.
Hop: Philippines looks more than a stop over, who you visiting there … the lady boys?
Jackson: kiss my ass…
Hop: Philippines…Who’s the contact, what are the hills?
Jackson:I got in contact with some fellas called 
Raphael and Gerrard, they came to Ozzie for Newtons and I got to skate with Gerrard some time last year before heading over to Europe (he was in Sydney). I’m not sure what sort of hills there are there but they’re talking about throwing an Outlaw Race… I think Switzer is gonna come too.
Hop: Any shout out to sponsors?
Jackson: Hopkin Skate Bitches! 
Best shop in oz… we rip. Also big shout out to o-tang and Rayne for their help getting me to all these rad places, and for making such awesome products. Big thanks to Kahalani for putting me on their team and opening my eyes to the best downhill trucks in the world.
Hop: Are we going to get some news from you on the way?
Jackson: I’ll be uploading a few blogs/photos/videos as I go, I will be doing at least one video per month. To check out the radness go to 
Hop: Are there any goal this trip?
Jackson: To become the World Champ AND the World Cup Champ.
Hop: How hard is it to win an IGSA race?
Jackson: Not hard if you don’t make any mistakes.