quinta-feira, 10 de junho de 2010

Episode 3 Ica to Nazca (Peruvian Death Hill)

Parte 3 desta "novela" do skate. Eu só se algum dia terei a sorte de fazer uma trip como esta. E ai quem tem coragem de ir junto?

In this episode our three a'gringos come to a fork in the road at the base of a large Peruvian mountain. One way says fifteen miles to the next destination--the other says five. Upon asking the locals which way to go, our gringos are encouraged to eat hot peppers and have a traditional meal with the locals... later resulting in gasket-blowing Diarrhea. Not listening to the directions that the locals give them, they take the shorter route, also known as the Peruvian Death Hill # 1. The going is rough, the pavement awful--their life expectancy is grim. Enjoy.

Adam Colton: "You will see us eat some major pepper action in this episode, and no-joke they were very, very hot. The family that took us in on this particular leg of the trip was awesome.  We were just skating on the side of the road and they smiled and invited us over.  We ended up having dinner with them, but we got sick–go figure. We spent the whole day with our new found friends, just laughing and enjoying each others company.  That next morning we had 2 options for traveling on to Santa Cruz: a longer, smoothly paved road; or a shorter, insane downhill o destruction.  Hahah! Of course we decided on the crazy downhill route.  The video does not do justice to the intensity of that Peruvian Death Hill road–we needed a wide-angle lens to really capture the ear flapping and eyeball drying speeds.  I have been down some wild roads in my time, but the Peruvian Death Hill was one of the gnarlier ones for sure. Falling on that pavement would have shredded you to pieces.  When you see us eating mangos on a snack break later in the episode, we are so dead and we still have to skate up this steep, sticky hill, then through this huge stretch of Nasca desert. It was really tough going at times, but so awesome nonetheless. We made it to Nasca and I got sick. Hurray!"