segunda-feira, 22 de novembro de 2010

Longboarding: Of Troglodytes and Men

Esse vai ser difícil superar, 100% super produção com os antigos requintes de comedia que marcaram os primeiros videos de Adam & Adam.  

While exploring a desolate and boundless new world on an antiquated vessel, two explorers (Adam Stokowski, Dane Webber) happen upon a wild and exuberant caveman (Adam Colton). After a harrowing introduction, the explorers are joyfully presented with Loaded Bhangra boards -- longboards of simple yet unexpectedly insightful design -- as gifts, and the trio celebrates with a communion of creative dancing and freestyle longboard tricks/combos. Impressed with the caveman's performance, the explorers invite him to accompany them back to their homeland, where he is bombarded by a plethora of unfamiliar sights and sounds... and shreddable terrain.

Riders: Adam Colton, Adam Stokowski, Dane Webber
Filmed: Jonathan Jelkin, Adam Colton, Adam Stokowski
Edited: Jonathan Jelkin (

Music: "Tickle It" by Mocean Worker

More info on the Bhangra here: