sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010

Ditch Slap 2010

Hold Me Down Production's presentation of Timeship Racing's Ditch Slap. 

Skaters from California and West Virginia to British Columbia traveled to Albuquerque to come skate in the world renowned ditches provided by the necessity of a watershed for the Sandia Mountains off to the east of the city. The events were timed slaloms with a twist, banked in ditches with anywhere from smooth, perfect transitions to harsh, cracked angles. A crosstown race was also held and points were awarded to participants for hitting certain spots such as the Witches Nose in the infamous Indian School ditch and for landing grinds and tricks at several local skateparks. The event went off fairly smoothly with a few run ins with law enforcement.

Special thanks to the event sponsor: Landyachtz Longboards, Durango Boards, Altec Lansing, Powerhouse Roadboards, and Madrid Skateboards.

Ditch Slap 2010 from Jesse Heidenfeld on Vimeo.