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How old are you?


I am 27 light years old and yes I am balding, ya know it.  It is the cool thing to do.  

Where does Adam Colton come from?

Good old Springfield Beach, Virginia USA

What was your first approach into skateboarding?

I rocked a THINK skateboard and got into street skating.  I ollied big stair sets and gaps.  I perfected my ninja roll because I would fall a lot, hahaha.

Then how and when did you begin longboarding?

I started longboarding when I was around 18 years old I believe.  Really got into it in college, since the ladies did not like me, cry.  That is where I started working on longboard dancing with friends.

I've noticed that you have an interesting point of view on nature... Could you talk about it?

I love the outdoors.  I feel that I can breathe better and my head is more clear when I am outside.  I do a lot of backpacking and camping and it is just so refreshing to go into the outdoors with everything you need on your back and live a simple life.  Every year I am lucky enough to spend 2 months submerged in the outdoors when doing my long distance skate trips.  These trips have really allowed me to develop a strong understanding about myself since my physical and mental state are pushed to the edge and further at times, hahaha.

Is longboarding a lifestyle? Explain...

Yeah, longboarding can be a life style.  But for me it is more of a life enhancer.  I think it is important to have variety in your life and not be solely dedicated to one thing.  When someone says, “LONGBOARDIN is MY LIFE”  I am like ahhh there is more to life than longboarding.  I feel longboarding can help you explore and get into all kinds of things.  For example: distance longboarding has gotten me back into backpacking.  Being around the longboard scene has inspired me to get involved with photography and video.  Longboarding has allowed me to meet a variety of friends, some of these friends like rock climbing so I have gotten into that.  Let longboarding be a way of finding other sweet things to do as well, I think that is the best way to approach it.

Why is it important to spread the longboarding lifestyle as you do?

To me, longboarding is a fun creative activity that lets you enjoy the outdoors and your own body.  I think it is important to spread longboarding as a fun creative sport because spreading this message will help longboarding grow.  Fun is contagious, we all naturally want to have fun.  This is all a huge group effort with people all over the world contributing to the development and inspiration of longboarding.  Everyone is spreading it right now and I hope it continues to spread in a positive friendly way.  Let there be no big egos, rather everyone helping everyone to get better and have fun.

Nowadays Adam Colton figures into longboarding scene as a character
, as an ambassador, and as a guy that enjoys his free way of life related with longboarding. How imporant is it to turn your own person into a public person to transmit this way of life? 

I am stoked to be an influence on the growing longboard world and the funny thing is I never really had this in mind.  Hahah, I was just doing my thing making videos and educating and it kind of happened.  Working with Loaded has really allowed me to spread a good message.  I hope to not only spread longboarding but continue to help spread filmmaking and photography as well.  I think if anything I hope I help people to laugh, not take things so seriously and to not be afraid to be themselves and get in touch with that inner kid.

How did you begin working with Loaded?

I got an email from Don back in 2005 I believe saying Loaded was going to donate some boards for our skate Across the USA trip in 2005.  He mentioned when I got back from my trip he would like to talk with me about getting more involved with Loaded. So when I got back I gave Don a shout and starting working from home in VA.  It wasn’t until 2006 when I made the decision to move out to CA that I got really involved.

What do you do at Loaded?

I juggle a bunch of roles.  If people think skating is all I do they are wrong, I do more computer work then I skate, hahaha and I actually like it.  It is funny how I am getting more excited about filming and photography than skating these days.  My main focus at loaded is anything I can do to help grow and educate the sport of longboarding.  I do the video, photography work, frontpage photo updates, product development, testing, newsletter, writing for our blog, professional suit case lifter, emails and whatever else I can think of.  That is the best thing, who knows what the future holds.

Which is the relationship between Orangatang Wheels, Paris Trucks and Loaded Boards? Are you the reason?

Nope, I am not the reason.  Orangatang is owned by Loaded Boards.  We have Paris because we all dig them along with a bunch of other trucks.

You could be the best friend of longboarders out there, because you answer their questions and teach them how to longboard in a friendly way...

Yeah I get a lot of emails from people all over the world and I try to answer them all.  It can get overwhelming at times and the scary thing is emails never stop, hahah they just keep coming and more seem to be coming as longboarding is growing.  As for teaching, I love teaching and spreading the stoke.  I will continue to teach through videos via youtube, seems to be the best way at the moment.

Loaded have grown up faster than other and older longboard companies. Could you explain why?

Loaded is growing at a healthy pace and we are stoked.  In fact I think every longboard company out there is kicking ass and growing.  It is the people that make up Loaded, the community behind us and the quality products that has helped Loaded grow. All these things work together.  Creating fun inspiring media content, educating the community and building quality products is just as important as running a business smartly, having a good vision, maintaining good vibes with shops, distributors and reps.  I think one thing that the longboard industry has going for itself is the friendship between companies.  Itis not Loaded vs any other company, it’s rather the overall idea of all the companies pushing each other and growing longboarding together.

What about your Adam Colton PARIS Trucks edition?

Joey from Paris truck approached me about the idea and I went for it.  Created some original artwork for the hanger and bam a ram, we got some Monster trucks that come alive at night to haunt you if you have been a bad person.

When did begin: how and why?

Began back in 2004 or 2005 I believe.  It was away for me to post up the longboarding videos I was making in college and to be the site that followed our team across the USA in 2005.  Now I try to update it with the current projects I am working on but I am pretty bad at updating it, hahaha.

What have you learned living a life around longboarding?

I have learnt that there is still much more to learn and I will always keep learning.

Tell me about your perception of social networks, when you say "never have sent a text message" and "no Facebook"?

Personally I am a weirdo hahaha.  I spend a lot of time on the computer for my job and I do enjoy it, I get excited each morning to see what the internet world brings.  But I also like to keep my life as simple as possible.  Being on facebook and sending text messages are useful tools, but they are 2 additional things that keep me connected to my computer and phone more and I do not need that.   I think the secret is getting away from the computer and phone as much as you can.

If you weren't longboarding, what would you probably be?

I perhaps might find a job in the outdoor industry or be some kind of outdoor guide, photographer or camp counselor.

Something you would like to add...

Thanks for the opportunity for this interview.  I am stoked to be able to share some of my thoughts.  As I always say, ideas are always hard to express, a persons actions are much more of a testament.  This is what I think now but who knows what I will think in 5 years.  I am always changing and growing as life presents new challenges and ideas.
It is a beautiful thing to be a part of Loaded for so many reasons.  I am stoked to be able to live my life as myself and let my job with Loaded really and truly be a part of my life.
Family is amazing, tell your parents you love em.


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