terça-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2010

Loaded to MEXICO

O que falta para esses caras virem dar uma volta pelo Brasil? Um Convite? Bom eu os convido, apareçam por aqui, bem vindos a selva baby!!!

What is needed to see these guys take a tour of Brazil? An Invitation? Well I call you, come here, "Welcome to the jungle baby!

In November 2010 the Loaded Crew flew down to Jalisco/Nayarit states, Mexico while Kyle Chin snorkeled his way down the Pacific. We met up with the organization Entre Amigos and helped clean up the playground at their community center. Then what started off as an innocent trip to explore beaches, surf, and eat delicious chocolate covered cockroaches quickly dissolved into a frenzy of skateboarding as 200+ skaters from all over Mexico converged on Sayulita. Everyone returned with calf implants.
Big thanks to Treee (treee.mx), Punta Monterey (www.monterreybeach.com), Ivan Dimitrov, and Entre Amigos (entreamigos.org.mx) for making the trip a reality.