terça-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2010

Longboarding: Slam & Eggs

Been sitting on this video for a long time—long enough to grow a big, white beard. There is a story behind this video. Dane was hurt throughout the entire filming. First day in LA I took him to a downhill run in which he went flying 15 feet (no joke) off the road and 6 feet in the air, landing upside-down in a bush and nailing his hip. So for the next 3 days I fed Dane grapes and he rested his hip, which became more sore and stiff, but he was a trooper and battled through his pain to skate in this video. That is why we have titled it SLAM & EGGS, baby!

Artist: Adani & Wolf
Song: Les Seigneurs Theme
Courtesy of TherapyRecords.com
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mais um excelente vídeo da Loaded, como eu gosto destes desgraçados!!!!! Como puderam ler acima o Dane se machucou neste vídeo e teve que faze-lo fora de suas melhores condições físicas. Fico imaginando se esse cara estivesse 100%.